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Heart Research UK and Subway® Healthy Heart Grant application form.

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Heart Research UK and Subway® Healthy Heart Grants are available thanks to the fundraising in Subway® stores and through the Subway Helping Hearts™ Family 5Ks.  
They are available for new, original and innovative projects that actively promote Heart Health and help to prevent, or reduce, the risk of heart disease near you.

Some helpful tips:

  • Please ensure you are applying for your correct grant region as we will not accept applications that deliver outside of the region you apply for. You can check your region here.
  • The deadline for submitting your application is 5pm on the deadline date. 
  • If leaving the application form with view of returning later to complete, ensure you 'Save draft' (button at bottom of page) before ending your session.
  • If you need to edit your submission, simply write over the text in the field and 'Save draft'
  • Upon completing the application form you will be asked to 'Preview' your submission. You can still go back and edit the form at this point.
  • Once previewed and happy with your application form, click 'Submit'. You cannot amend your application after this point.
  • These instructions are available at the top of every page of the application, if you need to revisit and check.
  • You can download some frequently asked questions here.
  • There is an example application form here for reference.

To apply please register an account and then you can complete the application form on this page.